Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Browser from Google

Google, in traditional fashion have decided to launch their own browser called Chrome. They have started from scratch to really think about what people need both now and in the future.

However the thing that impressed me most was how they are communicating their initial thoughts and ideas via the Google Blog. They have published a Google Comic that provides a really easy way to learn about what they are proposing and even some of the more technical aspects behind the browser's architecture.

I found it a really great example of how to deliver some learning content in a simple way. Check it out.


john castledine said...

Chris - I also really like the comic strip approach ... I'd suggest that they could have done a little more to aid navigation through the various pages (as done with e-learning) - but the concept is great.

On the subject of Chrome itself - the Harvard Business school bloggers make some interesting observations: http://discussionleader.hbsp.com/stibel/2008/09/a-chrome-lining-for-microsoft.html

Chris Morgan said...

Thanks for the interesting link that highlights some of the potential strategies for Microsoft and Google - what a competitive market it is!

I understand that the comic strip was designed to be printed off and read just like a traditional comic. This would explain the lack of navigation. They are planning on releasing a more interactive version soon according to their blog!