Friday, 5 September 2008

Coaching Return on Investment

I was interested to read John Castledine's recent post(s) on Performance Support v Training:

"Performance Support is defined as providing the right people with the right information at the right time. In other words: expanding just-in-time 'coaching' to replace (where appropriate) just-in-case training."

One of the themes discussed is why some people seem to get more out of the training than others. Clearly there is a lot behind this ranging from personal styles to evaluation techniques. 

For me it highlights the important part that coaching plays in the learning environment, both in it's own right but also to support other learning interventions. Coaching doesn't have to be delivered by external suppliers (although there are good reasons for doing this), it should also be part of every manager's toolkit.....but sadly in my experience it isn't. published a survey recently by HDA Associates that looks at measuring the return on investment of executive coaching:

"Astute businesses should only invest in executive coaching if a compelling business case can be presented; this inevitably requires an understanding of the return on investment executive coaching yields. In this short article, HDA goes some way towards proving the valuable role coaching plays in improving business performance, by showing evidence of the tangible business benefits observed as a result of coaching." 

They found that outcomes-focused executive coaching delivers tangible business benefits, particularly where the following combination of ‘success’ input elements are brought together:
– Coaching is the ‘right’ approach for the individual
– The ‘right’ coach is selected to match the coachee
– Personal goals and objectives are closely linked to hard business outcomes

In my view if coaching is treated as an integrated part of the learning environment then this is going to enhance the chance of success further. You can learn about something during a training course but the real learning takes place back at the work place.....and for this people need ongoing help and support. This can be the difference that makes the difference......

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