Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Apples and Pears....

Delivering training in a corporate environment can be a really rewarding and interesting job. One of the big learns for me over the past years is that it is increasingly important to deliver the learning in a way that is as engaging as possible.

How can you deliver learning in a way that appeals to a distracted, busy, multi tasking audience that has a wide range of personalities, learning styles and age......? This is perhaps even more relevant now that training can be delivered through such a wide variety of channels be it face to face, webinar, on demand, mobile learning etc.

On the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies site I was recently pointed to an interesting article that Tom Brigham of Learning Circuits has written. It describes how to train multi taskers and has some really practical advice covering 4 main themes:
  • Start Strong
  • Think in Pictures
  • Use Words - Not Corporate Cliches
  • Vocal Variation
Personality preferences should also be a consideration when designing your learning. Speakingofmbti gives some excellent advice on this in a recent post including specific considerations to make for each of the E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P combinations.

Finally when thinking about visual learners have a read of Presentation Zen's analysis of John McCain's recent address to the Republican Convention. It makes some insightful comments about the use of the background visuals used during his speech and the impact (or lack of) that they made.

Who said it was an easy job...? 

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