Thursday, 28 August 2008

7 Principles for Leadership Development

Plato reckoned he needed 50 years to prepare individuals for leadership in his ideal political state. “We don’t have that luxury” for business leaders in the 21st century.

There are no instant quick-fix solutions to build the kind of leadership capability that sustains high levels of business success, but some organisations have identified strategies and tactics to speed up the development process with significant gains in organisational performance.

AMAzure have come up with Seven Principles for Leadership Development as well as including a couple of mini case studies to illustrates some of the real life development situations that both organisations and individuals face.

Principle One: Recognise that not everyone can be a leader

Principle Two: Start with the individual not the solution the article if you want to find out the remaining five.

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Eshan said...

Nice article!!! Leadership development is a great job. It is another great quality of a leader that he develops the required skills of leadership and management in others so that they can succeed him when needed.