Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Ultimate Stretch Opportunity

Well, lucky old Kevin Pietersen has been given the role of English cricket captain after Michael Vaughan's surprise often does that situation occur in business.....alot in my experience?

This raises two interesting points. Firstly there was clearly no succession plan in place - lots of hurried interviews and discussions took place and out popped 'KP', thrust in front of the waiting media! Secondly you have to ask the question whether he is ready for it...?

Good talent management means providing people with the stretch opportunities they need to grow and develop. However when you put people into these positions you have to provide much needed support and coaching. Without these factors the individual might still make it........but it won't be easy.

Good luck KP, I hope things work out!

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Chris Morgan said...

...and Kevin has definitely raised his game. Since being Captain England's performance has taken a leap forward. They are currently 4.0 up in the series against South Africa.

It really demonstrates the impact a leader can make on the performance of a team.

Well done KP....!