Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Feedback - are you a Cat....?

What's your style of giving feedback....and have you even thought about it?

Are you a Cat?

The Cat is someone who wants to be liked. They don't really like conflict and believe it is really important to build really good relationships with people - that makes for a better working environment, right?

What's it like to be on the receiving end?

It's strange. All of the feedback that the Cat gave you was really positive, he even gave you some good examples. However your rating was 'meets expectations'....that just doesn't seem to make sense. I am not sure if I have done a good job or whether I need to do a bit better.

What's it like to be the Cat?

As the Cat you feel it is important that the person feels good about the feedback. You certainly don't want it to impact your relationship with them. You really want to try and avoid any conflict so it's probably best to avoid those negative thoughts that you might have. If only they knew what you were really thinking - imagine that!

If you are a Cat have a think about the impact you are having.

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Mike Chitty said...

Cats want to be liked? I love this series - but really! All my cats have been independent, ambivalent (although they do put on a lovely show when there is food at stake) and any exchange of affection is purley on their terms.

Maybe I have been mis-reading the instruction manual.

In our family it is the dog that NEVER wants to upset anyone and is always +ve.