Friday, 12 December 2008

Specific tips on coaching and feedback

In my last post we started to look at how feedback and coaching are important elements of a line manager's role.

As a line manager there are a couple of specific components that are worth focusing on with respect to feedback and coaching:
  • Being as specific as possible and avoiding generalisations

  • Thinking about whether this is the right time

  • Avoiding being judgemental and focusing on being descriptive

  • Providing a balanced view

  • Having a two way conversation

  • Maintaining self esteem.
The following table gives some specific examples for all of these components.

Click on the image to make it bigger and print it out as a reference.

As with all development this requires practice so don't expect to get it absolutely right first time. Also, the next time you are on the 'receiving end' have a think about why it went well, or not so well. Which of the components above were in place and which weren't - why and how did that make a difference?


Training Time said...

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