Saturday, 7 March 2009

Tapping Talent - The way out of the credit crunch..?

Some interesting research from Accenture recently has highlighted that approximately half of all women and men in the workplace don't think they are being sufficently challenged by their jobs.

What's more interesting is that 76% said they already have the skills to take them to the next level, but they are just not being utilised.

Wow - that's amazing! Think about how much latent talent is there just waiting to be tapped....!!

If we could just help people release even a fraction of that talent then maybe that's the way out of this credit crunch.

....and it is the role of you as a manager that has the most influence on this.

Check out the following posts toget some tips and advice on how to release this potential:
Talent management has a huge role to play in the current climate - do you have the guts to take the lead in your organisation?

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