Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bitesize Leadership Learning

I really like to use lots of different media to help people learn. The use of video clips and humour certainly has a part to play. The web has opened up a whole new catalogue for this.

The Management Today site have published some good short pieces of learning for leaders under the title of 'What's Your Problem'.

In particular I like the Lessons in Communication and some of the references to YouTube clips. For example:

"A good delegator needs good communication skills - without them, you might find yourself doing the job yourself. And remember, an organisation’s lines of communication run from the top down, so if there’s confusion in the workplace, it’s probably down to the inadequacies of the boss. Just don't tell Basil Fawlty. "

Whilst a funny clip it emphasises that the responsibility in commuication lies with the giver rather than the receiver.

I also absolutely love the Ricky Gervais video that was put together for Microsoft. This particular one was to help communicate the Microsoft values. It just absolutely cracks me up every time I see it.........some great learning material. However even better is the 2nd video where David Brent provides some advice about preparing for your mid term review.....and promptly tears up the Microsoft values....

I hope you might find these useful to include in some of your own bitesize learning interventions. If you have some favourites of your own then I would love to know about them?

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