Saturday, 21 June 2008

Working in Partnership...

So you have decided that you need to make use of a third party to help you deliver some learning within your organisation. Here are my top tips on how to really make this work:

  • Invest the time up front with them. As well as agreeing the specific outcomes for the intervention give them a real feel for the organisation. Let them meet a variety of people so that they get a real nderstanding of the culture.

  • Give them some license to shape things their way. Whilst you need to agree the structure of the intervention agree a framework..........don't give them a cage.

  • Be really clear about how you will be measuring success. Make sure everyone is comfortable with this. If they do a good job then give them the recognition they deserve. If things don't go well then sit down with them to work things out.

  • Whilst you will expect them to go the extra mile for you, do the same thing for them. Demonstrate your commitment to doing a quality job and they will follow your example.

  • Be really clear about the commercials. Negotiate hard but get this out of the way early on. You don't want to be discussing expenses claims or hourly rates - agree it and focus on the more important stuff.

  • Share all of the feedback with them whether it is good, bad or indifferent. Review it together and agree on any tweaks and changes you both think are required.


john castledine said...

Chris - I agree with your list

I'd also add that when dealing with a large vendor organisation, recognise that not all the trainers on their books (be they staff or associates) are the same ... some will be a better 'fit' with your organisation than others. Hence be prepared to ask the vendor for specific trainers (ideally identify a small team from the initial few months of delivery - giving you flexibility for scheduling availability)


Chris Morgan said...

Thanks John - wise words. I have certainly found that it is not until you really work with the 3rd party that you really find out what they are like.....sometimes they can be even better than you thought.....and sometimes they are just not a good fit!