Friday, 30 May 2008

Goals, objectives..yuk..ENJOY YOURSELF!!

I’ve just got back from my regular run which I find is a great time to unwind and just forget about ‘stuff’.

Taking the time to do this makes me realise how goal and task driven my whole life is….both at home and at work

- “I must cut the grass…”
- “I must phone my Mum”
- “I must spend time with the kids
- “I must update my blog”
- “I must catch up with ‘Heroes
- “I must make time to read that book, look at those web sites etc”

Goals are good…but sometime I just want to ENJOY MYSELF….!


Without my running I would go completely mad. It resets my stress levels back to ‘sane’ level ready to deal all of that ‘stuff’.

How does everyone else cope?


Jackie Cameron said...

I wonder what would happen if you got to the stage where you changed the "must" to "want to"?

Ah - the coach in me has to ask these questions!

Like the blog.

Chris Morgan said...

Hi Jackie - thanks for your comment.

Good point - I try hard to choose my response but sometimes screaming out loud just seems to help!!! Love the coaching...thanks!