Friday, 25 April 2008

TV and Movie Clips - A Plethora of Learning Opportunities

Every time I watch 'The Apprentice' on TV it just hits me the programme is a really rich environment for learning. Working in a professional services organisation we do invest time developing people into leadership roles. The above clip is a great example of shall we say a slight lack of emotional intelligence in Rory's leadership style.

I also like the use of clips from movies and have seen Toy Story used to great effect. The bit where Buzz Lightyear arrives on the seen and has total belief that he can it!

Would be interested to know what other everyday media people use as part of their learning interventions?

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Robyn McMaster said...

Not many people would enjoy working under these conditions. And, yes, quite opposite to what Benjamin Zander does to bring out possiblities in others!