Sunday, 20 April 2008

My favourite 360 Feedback Tool for Leadership

I have used a number of 360 feedback tools over the years to support various L&D activity. There are many types and each with their own merits.

One of my favourites is The Extraordinary Leader tool. It is based on the book by Zenger and Folkman

With most leadership models some clever people think up a model and then set about testing it. They can do extensive research to show that their model really does spell out the right set of leadership traits and characteristics. However two clever guys - Zenger and Folkman ( studied organisations that are really sucessful in terms of revenue, profit, staff turnover - you name it. They then interviewed the leader's in these successful organisations and looked to see what they had in common - in fact they found 16 things that they all had in common. So this isn't a theory it is based on actual and very successful leaders.

The 360 tool (just part of a suite of tools) is fantastic for using with senior leaders. They get a real hard message on how good a leader they really are compared to the very best in the world. Not only that but they also get a great set of guidance and feedback on what to do next.

I've used it a couple of times now and have found it one of the most useful 360 tool around...


Scott said...

Thanks for brining this to my attention. It is good to hear that there are tool like this out there that have practical applications rather than academic naval gazing! Welcome to the blogosphere, great idea for a blog!

360 appraisal said...

Now all you need is a tool to put the tool in...e.g.

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