Saturday, 10 January 2009

Who have you inspired today?

Who have you inspired today?

It sounds like one of those fluffy questions that those HR people like to ask you whilst you are standing at the water cooler. However I have been thinking recently about some people that have inspired me to do things that I would not otherwise have done.

Here's a summary (I have not included names but I think the individuals will know who they are):
  • Earlier this year I was chatting with a colleague who told me about his blogging experience. I was amazed and inspired to start my own blog......and a whole new world opened up for me.
  • One of my training suppliers engaged me in a series of conversations about my beliefs and values, and how this shapes me as an individual. This sparked my fascination in the whole subject and has eventually led me to even focus on it as a career.
  • Watching Lewis Hamilton win the Formula One World Championship and to observe his focused and determined approach has inspired me to set my own expectations at a higher level.
  • 6 years ago I was moaning to my boss about how I didn't like my job anymore. He asked me what I wanted to do......and I couldn't answer. This motivated me to really think about it.....and resulted in a total career change.
  • Researching my family history and finding out how my Great Uncle was killed in the First World War has inspired me to value all sorts of aspects of my life in many ways.
Each one of us is touched and inspired by others. Each one of us touches and inspires others.

We don't always know this is happening but just stopping to think about it now and again can help focus on where we are and the impact we have on each other.

Who have you inspired today?


Anonymous said...

We were just having brunch with friends yesterday, and this was a topic of discussion.

It sort of just naturally progressed from a discussion on Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", but we digress.

Our point is it is often very hard to identify the people that you inspire, and a lot of times, you don't even know that you did.

Also, sometimes we don't really recognize the inspiration we get from others until some event triggers some memory.

Just some thoughts.

Chris Morgan said...

I think you are right - it is sometimes hard to identify when you are being inspiring and also sometimes that you have been inspired. However I think we all know that both of these things happen but perhaps after the event. For me it is often a series of events that layer on top of each other.

However I think it is an interesting mind set to consider, not just if you are in a leadership position.