Friday, 17 October 2008

Leaving - A Talent Management Opportunity

I left my company today having worked there for nearly ten years. Obviously this was a major decision for me and something that I thought about a lot.

The whole leaving process wasn't a good experience and I am therefore leaving the company with a few negative feelings. It reinforced my belief that I have made the right decision to leave. Of course I will move on and am already excited about my new job which I start on Monday.

In the current climate there will be a lot of people leaving companies, many of them involuntarily. However if handled correctly organisations have an opportunity to leave a professional image with the departing employee. Why is this important? Well it is entirely possible that the person leaving now might well be on your 'shopping list' in the future. What simple things can organisations do better?
  • Make sure that at least all the adminstration takes place correctly. Arrange for them to return company property etc. Don't just leave it up to the individual and hope for the best.
  • Have a proper exit interview. Encourage the individual to be frank and honest about why they are leaving.
  • Take some time to plan a handover. Make the process as easy as possible with enough time for someone else to pick things up. Where possible get things out of their brain and into a document of some sort.
  • Communicate with all parties concerned. Don't try and brush things under the carpet and hope no one will notice.
  • Make sure you provide easy ways to maintain links with the individuals. Well run alumni schemes can be a gold mine for future talent.
  • Be civil and professional - try not to let emotion and feelings cloud the process.
I'd be interested to know other people's experiences - what did 'good' and 'bad' look like?


Scott McArthur (麦格兰) said...

Chris! It is sad to see good people leave any business and your talents will be missed by everyone especially your friends!

My experience of leaving organisations has been mixed.

Once you have left the business psychologically there really isn't much point in hanging around to go through the "leaving process". As for the business well - most have not got a clue about dealing with leavers. For me this should be a combination of thank you and a full on effort to make sure the soon to be ex employee is a strong advocate of their time with the business.

As they (who are they?) say every leaver is a potential new client. As such watch out for a call from me real soon!

Good luck my friend

Chris Morgan said...

Scott - thanks! I will certainly miss all of my friends and it will take time to adjust.

However, as you introduced me to so many news ways to keep in touch it's not really a problem. I will still be tweating, linking in and anything else I can get my hands on..!

Dan McCarthy said...

Chris –
This is timely; I have an employee leaving next week. Good tips.

Best wishes with your new opportunity! Sounds like you made the right move.